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Educating & Employing

1. Huanyu is committed to creating an inclusive working environment for our employees, and offering practical stages on the condition of good realization on appealing talents as the root of our company. 2. Our managing procedure to employees is: Finding, educating, respecting, and progressing. It is achieved via increasing bonus and benefits, position-related promotion, and matured training system, etc.
3. We aim to ensure our employees to feel comfortable, productive, and able to reach their full potential.
4. We always welcome all talents and focusing on recruit the best person for the job, irrespective of age, gender, etc.
5. The employees’ ability and achievement on management, marking and technology should be confirmed by promotion, bonus, and different awarding forms.
6. All the manage stuff should pay attention on searching and educating talents, and Care more for employees on working and living conditions, and so on.
7. Company should respect personal will as much as we can.

Career Development

We aim to build and develop your dream career. As being a key member of the team in which you work, your personal and professional growth will be fuelled by the first-class education, training and work experience in mining industry. Huanyu is ideally placed to provide all of these.

Vocational Education

All of our placements provide a real opportunity to work with a professional supervisor, who helps you to understand the regulations, constitutions, and the culture of the company.

Training System

There are various ways of training, including special training, lectures, reporting, communion, etc. Besides, we will send some excellent employees to attend advanced studies, and establish internet studies for all the employees.


We provide a compensation opportunity, including base pay, performance bonus, commissions, rewards and other forms of earning, that will attract, retain and motivate high performing employees. We also organize recreational leagues, company-sponsored trips, and a variety of classes and programs.
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