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1.Construction Land; the Right to the Use of State-Owned Land

Construction land must meet the requirements of the planning for the use of land and the land administrative policies. To obtain the right to the use of state-owned construction land is very important. The state has certain rules and standards for the construction land.We provide you consultancies to your project.

2.Construction Project Establishment

The formality of construction project establishment is complex.We provide scientific study, reasonable arrangement, and efficient linking to make the establishing process smoothly.

3.Formulating Project Proposal, Feasibility Study, Application Report, Fund Application Report

The 11th five year plan points out to deepen the investment structure reform, improve the approving and recording system, standardize the governmental investing movement, and perfect the investing determination responsibility system. Huanyu is familiar with the operation of marketing economy deeply. Under the requirements of improving the socialist market economy, in aim of building a fair, standard, new type of investment agency, we provide services as follow:

Formulate project proposal and feasibility study for governmental investment.

Formulate project application report for enterprises and foreign investment.

Formulate fund application report for central budget investing subsidies and discount project, international financial institutions and the loans for investment of foreign governments.

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